Rooh Afza Eid Mubarak- A touching TVC and a beautiful concept.

Rooh Afza has been close to almost everyone’s hearts since their childhood, especially during Ramadan. I’ve spent so much time in the kitchen, just before Iftar, trying to perfect that sweet chilled glass of Rooh Afza because it was never too sweet enough for me! Recently, Rooh Afza launched a TVC titled Rooh Afza Eid Mubarak following the TVC they launched in Ramadan titled Rooh Afza Ramadan Mubarak which shows a Grandfather and a Grandson bonding and the Grandson is making a dessert for his Grandfather. Continue reading “Rooh Afza Eid Mubarak- A touching TVC and a beautiful concept.”


The Entertainer: 30 Days of Good Deeds Ramadan

The Entertainer is a UK based toy shop locally owned by Sefam Private Limited Company. The Entertainer was founded in 1981 in the UK and has over 100 stores across the UK. With five existing stores in Pakistan (one in Islamabad, four in major areas of  Lahore).

IMG_8447 (1)

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Classic Burger from Oh My Grill

FullSizeRender (2)@ohmygrillofficial‘s Classic Burger(Single)~Been craving a good burger since the weekend started but just got a chance to order it.I decided to try 2 burgers and ended up choosing this one as of the 2.The patty was juicy and perfectly cooked and it was a really saucy burger.Everything was perfectly proportioned and it was quite delicious.The bun was soft and everything just melted in my mouth.Never knew Burgers could satisfy me so much.Perfect for a lazy weekend when you just want to get sloppy and eat like no one’s watching🙃
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